Spotted our new livery? With this simple strap-line, the funky new design summarises what drives our social enterprise sustainability model aspirations. In a nutshell, the more material EMERGE Recycling can source for reuse and recycling, the more we can give back to our local community through dividends which are created when we make profit. Our cost base is very efficient and we are striving to get the best prices for clean materials, thanks to our customers helping to source separate! As a social enterprise sustainability model which is striving for sustainable business excellence, EMERGE is reinvesting in cleaner vehicles, the living wage for our staff and then, by supporting our charity, EMERGE 3Rs to achieve our shared vision.

Importantly, EMERGE Recycling has just registered as a ‘Ben Comm’ (aka Society for the Benefit of the Community) which means we are now a community coop! As such, we plan to invite our staff and the wider community to take out shares and invest in our growth plan soon. Watch this space! Interested to know more? Please contact Lucy or Gareth on 0161 223 8200.

Big thanks to Think design agency and Signs Express Stockport for the new livery!